Factors that make domains valuable for marketing products or services include: Age of name, Short length, Extension, Contain search words. Such domains get good positions in search engine results. Especially domain names older than 10 years.
Offers for any domain listed below are invited. (Registration dates in brackets). Just email: design@platywebs.com.au.
Ages are up to 16 years. They all contain search words relevant to many subjects. Search words in the domain names include: platypus, notice, seanachi

e-platypus.com (16/04/2006)
e-platypus.info (18/12/2015)
eplatypus.info (16/03/2012)
myplatypus.com.au (28/06/2017)
notice.com.au (14/02/2006)
seanachi.org (22/01/2006)
theplatypus.com.au (28/06/2017)


For .au names the prospective owner must qualify with www.auda.org.au eligibility conditions.

Global domains