Platypus Websites can register domain names with a major registrar NetRegistry / TPP Wholesale (owned by Web Central) at a discounted price.

But price is not the only advantage.
If you change your email address a registrar company won’t know if you don’t notify it. The renewal notice won’t reach you and you will loose the domain and your website and emails.

Several people have told us of that experience. Resellers like Platypus Websites are closer to domain name owners and will take steps to contact them by phone or text message. Your domain name won’t expire until you want it to.

When a name expires, it can usually still be renewed within 30 days, depending on the register. But after that it’s available for anyone else to register. We know of cases where that has happened.

To register a new domain name, or transfer an existing name, click on

See  the industry domain name extensions available to help more with your search engine optimisation.

We can register Domain Names with the following extensions.
Australian Domain Names each require qualification. For details see AUDA

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